After 30 plus years in Beverly Hills retail, including Director of the flaghsip Prada store, Louisville struck out on his own and realized his vision for bringing luxury to Los Angeles in a new way. Guerilla Atelier, founded by Louisville, is a unique luxury lifestyle boutique environment in downtown Los Angeles’ burgeoning Arts District.


Juxtaposing exclusive hand crafted brands with the beauty and rawness of a 1920s warehouse, there is the distinct feeling of being in an intimate old world Paris salon rather than a traditional retail space. The Hotel Costes’ signature candle from Paris burns daily at the entrance of the Atelier, filling the space with an intoxicating ambiance as visitors step inside. Louisville carefully curates the environment and the products to offer an experience of engagement with the staff and the considered

distinct brands he has selected. The men's and women's

collections have in common the same attention to detail, innovation, craftsmanship, and timeless quality. That same vision extends to lifestyle products and fine art that is exhibited in the Atelier's gallery space. Many of the brands can only be found exclusively at the Atelier.


Louisville partners with designers and fine artists to showcase their brands in a deep and meaningful way. Less is more, meaning there are a succinct group of brands versus racks and shelves of dozens of designers. The breadth of each collection speaks to the essence of each designer's vision and intent, and in total creates a complete wardrobe and lifestyle narrative for Atelier cliental. This same philosophy is applied when considering fine artists in the Atelier gallery space.